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How To Get Your Personal Website | Chess Trending

How To Get Your Personal Website

How To Get Your Personal Website

The internet is an important and main connection with your customers, especially if you have a Commercial activity.

Chess trending offers to their clients getting an website with all advantages which suite his field in good quality by our experienced team work.

In this article we will show you the steps of creating website.

Choose domain name:

You have to own website address to send and receive data by the internet. The internet use addresses ways named “system domain name” “DNS” to show users where they send or receive their messages.

Domain”means Full ownership, so “Domain name” means name and address of specific computer and where you can interact with it.

Such as: www.chesstrending.com means the address (IP) on the internet network where you can message him.

At email address the domain is the handle after @ letter which give users information about where they will send or receive their messages such as info@chesstrending.com

Web Hosting

Web hosting means host a wbsite by providing server and services for websites created by persons or companies.

Hosting plans

The companies which providing hosting services are divide these service to plans, every plan has properties and price .

These properties like:

Storage: is amount of storage on hard disk where the client can save his data, files and emails.

Bandwith: is amount of data which exchange from and to website by browsing, downloading or anyway from data exchange or transfer.

Limit Number of database: amount of database’s number which is allowed to create on the plan and it depends on the power of your website.

Number of emails: number of emails are hosted in this plan

Security: technical features for prevent hacking and website is not respond because of huge amount of requests sent to itfrom send (SSL-PCI-WAF-DOSS Attack Protection) and other features.

Web develop: there is 2 kinds from developing

Frontend programing: is all the user can see when he browsing website included the design, colors and the way of showing information.

Backend programing: is everything behind fronted by connections between website and server, such as check password and username is matched.

Programing languages are used in this department like PHP, – JAVA- .NET – Python.

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