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Web Hosting and servers | Chess Trending

Web Hosting and servers

Web Hosting and servers

Web Hosting definition:


Hosting is the space of your website by providing server and specific services which is created by people and companies.


Web hosting plan:


Companies divides the services for website to many plans and each plan has features and price. The features are the most important thing you have to look for in each plan such as:

  • Storage: is the space available for client on hard disk which contain all the data and files about website.
  • Bandwidth: is amount of data which transfer from and to website by browsing or downloading.
  • Number of websites available in the same plan.
  • Number of database available to create in the same plan.
  • Number of emails in the plan.
  • IP for website.
  • Number of subdomains like “crm.chesstrending.com”.
  • Price: this feature is the point of competition in this field to attract more clients.

In addition to more features which different between company and another.

Definition of servers’ kinds:


  1. Proxy server:

The server is having responsible of sharing communication between many users by browser or web server.

  1. Mail server:

The server for sending and saving emails by network.

  1. Web server: by this the server you have access to browse and remotely connect.
  2. Application server: the server is having responsible of saving a huge amount of data and information.
  3. Real time communication server: the server is having responsible of chat and exchange all kinds of messages.
  4. FTP server: the server is having responsible of transfer files between websites.
  5. Telent server: the protocol is used for facilitate remote connect.

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