Bravo Tours

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AboutThe Client

Bravo Tours is one of the largest travel companies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and has a long tradition of unique travel experiences through its services and offers that suit its customers with its constant focus on quality.

As it specialized in the internal tourism offers also characterized by external offers and also organizes honeymoon offers for couples at the highest degrees of promotion and has services booking flights and travel, which shows the great keenness on its customers.

And because its permanent goal is excellence and presence among the elite through the search for new and always good and their continued excellence, which became part of their entity has never faltered in providing its team with all the need of study and experience to be worthy of his presence in a company of this size. And its keenness on excellence makes it provide the best services regardless of any financial return and makes it go according to specific plans to organize its large work, which is always surprised and be ready to

About this project

Chess Trending provided a lot of our products for them, we designed dynamic website to serve their requirements by using WordPress, PHP, and META scripts. Also we provided CRM program to help them manage their works in the company easily and fast.

this CRM is written by PHP, CSS and HTML scripts to exchange the data of company to digital “soft copy” and making dealing with it more easier.

In addition to API with access on Expedia, Travel Star and Car Trueller, they preferred all of these access to serve professional services for clients and to help the client finding the best package on his trip including visa, flight, local transportation and hotels.

By the new year we will cooperate with Bravo company on digital marketing campaign to help them to achieve more success together.

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