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AboutThe Client

Egypt export is a B2B travel agency which offers a huge variety of high quality of hotels and booking. it offers over 5,00,000 hotel because it has global supplier “GRN connect”, so it can offer B2B Online Booking System for all tourism services (Accommodations, Transfers, Excursions, Packages, Car Rentals, etc), Online reservations status updates, including the latest valid special offers & stop-sales and Ability to update/cancel reservation files Online.

Egypt Export has one branch in Egypt but it deals with customer all over the world to achieve more of service to more customers and more goals.

The stuff is youth so they have ambitious and have an awareness with the needs of market in this field, at the same time they have professionalism at their work. They want to achieve good results and future possibilities in this field. they are careful about pleasant and comfort of customers.

About this project

One of our pleasure to work with Egypt Expert because they are a group of young people who are always looking for creativity and excellence, but we have been challenged to design a website that highlights the goals of their company so we chose them as WordPress script but we customized it by Java script, CSS and PHP. Commensurate with the content they provide, whether text, image or even video, as well as customer reviews.


We made a creative into to lead customer to the website easily and impressed, so we used a lot of plugins by HTMLS script, CSS3 and java script. we provided to them also API program which is ring from chain between Egypt Expert and “hotel for sure”.

“hotel for sure” is a global system allow to travel company to booking hotels all over the world.

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