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AboutThe Client

Freedom is a established since 2002 and is one of IATA’s offices. It has been awarded a number of awards and has a number of senior clients. The company is very keen on its customers and satisfies their needs and because they are the most important travel agents of IATA. They have a full travel service carefully designed to provide travel related Information and make travel planning easier, secure and cost effective. They also offer tour packages and dedicated tours

Therefore, the most important priority is to serve their customers and provide comfort to them and thus provided their customers live chat service to respond to the queries of their customers at any time, it also offers a wide range of services to customers such as Schedule appointments with clients or meet with walk-in clients to arrange vacations and organize travel plan,.Using various computer software programs to check various flight dates and times, arrange accommodations, book rental cars or even arrange limousine service if required, Make proposals to clients to limit the cost of travel or to offer special reduced rates to customers that meet requirements for sales or reduced fares, Complete final bookings, arrange for ticket delivery and confirm all aspects of travel arrangements with the various agencies and the customer, Notify customers of any passport issues or other items of concern that may affect travel such as medical records or restrictions for travel and Collect fees associated with booking travel arrangements , provide customers with a copy of the itinerary and make any required changes if the need arises.

About this project

one of our honor is working with a large and successful company such as Freedom Winges, since the work with them was certainly an addition to us from their website, which we worked hard to be simple in form, but useful and influential for their work also, so we chose them the programming languages WordPress script and php script and developed it by meta script to add all the departments of agency.

We also did not stop at that limit of business with them and we also designed them APi program with access from one of the largest platforms in the traveling field “Expedia”

Expedia is a global platform, the client can book flights, hotels, visa and local transportation at the country he is traveling to.

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