Island Group with Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport

Website, Mangement System

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AboutThe Client

The idea of ​​establishing the Academy as a regional institute for maritime transport was established at the meetings of the Transport Committee of the League of Arab States on 11 March 1970

At the end of 1971, the United Nations sent a joint committee of its concerned organizations to study the needs of the region for this project. It recommended the establishment of a regional maritime training institute and the provision of necessary aid. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

About Island Group: Established in 2002, Island is one of the largest companies operating in the field of maintenance and infrastructure. It has been in the lead in its field and provides integrated management tools that provide a range of non-core functions that vary from one business sector to another.

He also has about 30 employees and 800 workers who share the same philosophy and passion to do great work every day on every site for each client.

About This Project

Our honor is to work with Island Company in designing a website for them that highlights the large projects they are working on and remains an honorable interface for them and their businesses.

We also worked hard on a management system to manage the work between them and the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport. We chose PHP for them to work through the Zend framework, which impressed the management of the Maritime Academy and through which the project was approved

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