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AboutThe Client

Renove Egypt is one of the most meticulous decoration companies, which gives an artistic touch that you will not find anywhere else. It has been able to force the machines themselves to come out with beautiful touches that are exclusive to them. When you buy any piece of renove Egypt, you buy A complete story thought by a group of the most efficient engineers and brought out by a group of professional professionals, so we exaggerate when we say that you will certainly find in their products what you like and realize your dreams in that one and regardless of the technical touch clear in their work but they are also professional in their field and are keen to abide by any dates with customers and also have the fastest implementation of your dreams of products and free measurements for your apartment so it has exhibitions in a number of provinces such as Cairo and Mansoura and Minya and Assiut and Hurghada and has a factory of its own even You can meet customers’ needs as soon as possible and with good quality raw materials.

About this project

We provided a large package containing (site, content creation for the site and digital marketing) and it was one of the most interesting projects we worked on,

The website is written by WordPress script and PHP and improved by Meta script to improve showing products and services and to help SEO department on their work to reach the company’s goals.

We also provided the creative and technical content of the site by our experts to suit their products and technical services. In addition, our digital marketing included social media on global platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn) to help them reach more fans and global and local customers, because we believe in the power of digital marketing at present.

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