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Traveda Tours is a travel agency that has been operating for 15 years under the name of Travel Stars, which always offers the best flights and the most comfortable accommodation. It can be classified as a full service travel agency, providing all travel related services such as incoming and outgoing tours, airline reservations, transfers, hotel reservations, Nile trips, With offices in Egypt and Kuwait and is preparing to open up its market in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Traveda Is a leading company that always exceeds all expectations in terms of luxury services and attention to details that bring comfort and happiness to its customers and interest in keeping up with all new in the field of technology, commensurate with course with the field of work is a full travel agency specializing in custom-made travel packages, Budget Holiday Packages, Honeymoon packages, Luxury Packages, Family Holiday Packages, Airport & city Transfers and much more. Traveda always committed to providing top quality travel services, combining energy and enthusiasm, with years of experience that makes them understand their client’s needs accurately.

About this project

We have worked with Traveda through a number of services which we have been keen to be as professional as possible to suit a company such as Traveda besides creating an electronic website designed to suit the content of the website and also easy for customers to deal with it and also the integration API so that they can book their various trips around the world.

Not only that but we also designed CRM for them to facilitate communication between their employees and each other also facilitates their communication with their customers so that they can provide services to them 24/7.

We are also working on a clear plan based on specific research and accurate marketing and public relations to identify Traveda customers and marketing with content that specifically describes the company’s objectives and strategy to communicate with its customers and always be at the forefront as entrusted.

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